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Move over Bluesky – The Windspeaks Radio Gadet is here

by on Oct.27, 2009, under Code Projects

WIndspeaks ran with an idea of a cool little device for entertainment on long flights. It allows pilots to program audio streams into the cockpit radio. It comes default with Whole Wheat Radio set up and ready for your Alaskan enjoyment. More recent versions add charts/maps, a browser and other goodies. Unlike another in cockpit radio system, this one allows you to program what you want to listen to.

This is not like ASIS, which will report data on all aircraft in the session from the server. This device is installed in aircraft and used by individual pilots on any session, anywhere. Or flying solo/free flight. It’s pretty slick! Sorta of an 8-Track player/squawk box.

For many people old enough to have owned an eight track system, it is a technology associated with the automobile and in-car listening. Ironically, however, it was first developed not by the auto industry, but by a leading aircraft manufacturer: the Learjet Corporation.

Check it out…

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ASIS x & Session radio update

by on Oct.27, 2009, under Code Projects, News, Personal Blogs


The recent addition of in session audio broadcasts available via radio have become a hit. I hope to add full control of the station to the pilots in the session in the manner of allowing them to queue music and other programming. The funny radio spots and commercials get a good laugh and its been enjoyable.All of this is what the ASIS project is all about. Adding to the enjoyment if the session environment.

To date, ASIS can send text to the in game chat window and audio announcements at either a set time or random intervals. This has been extremely useful for newcomers to the server. It tells them where to tune thier radio for news and info, and provides web addresses to the website.  Those that have experienced have commented that it sounds professional and interesting as well as entertaining.

The main features I would like to impliment into ASIS are:

  • Complete interaction/connection between the forum and in game text chat
  • Administration options such as changing time, weather, location on the server
  • Admin ability to monitor the users on the server from a remote web application where they can kick and ban, send private chats, etc. with the users of the server.
  • Complete automated session login (Gamespy) and setup. An Auto Server Reset.
  • Flight tracking, recording and reporting of all active users in the session to a web interface.
This has been a very in depth project with several talented people contributing along the way. With the support of folks from the entire flightsim community. Special thanks goes to Pete Dawson, Garret Smith, and Tim Gregson for the amazing work they do.
I hope to get this all together in coming weeks.
Stay Tuned.
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by on Apr.09, 2009, under Code Projects

My work on ASIS (Automated Server Information System) has slowed due to a learning curve with Simconnect vs. C#. No worries though because I am still learning. As long as I can breath and think I will be learning. 🙂 ASIS is a great thing and I hope to get it finished up and in beta soon so we can beat it up and see how it works. I may recruit some help doing some of the web side apps during this phase because much of the server application is funtional.  One of the features I really appreciate is the in-game audio broadcasting which utilizes a speech synth to make announcments. I know that some people reading this may have experienced this while flying in a session. Just in case you are curious, here you go.

ASIS intro sound Radio message audio

I will post more here regarding ASIS in the near future.

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PATK work progressing..

by on Apr.07, 2009, under Articles, Scenery Projects

In the beginning there was............ 

In the beginning there was............

A bunch of work is taking place around the PATK area. The default scenery is being uplifted. Roads, runways, rails, rivers and town streets are the focus of this operation. The airport itself was so well done with Egon and Jimmy (fse) efforts that the only thing left to do is the surrounding terrain. And we are on it! The Talkeetna Village strip (AK44) is amazingly cool in this release as well as the town itself.

Austin (dxqflyer) is making a talented effort at AK8, the Lake Christiansen sea plane base loacated a bit east of PATK. He has done some major research for this very active seaplane base. You can expect quality work here. The goal in the area is to make it functional and true to life. Including the abilty to program AI traffic. And we hope to use PATK to educate the rules of traffic both departure and arrival. To do it right takes some thought and skill. Its a great place to practice these concepts. Have a look at the charts and expectations. Lets learn to do it right.

One layer of many

Foundation laying = forms, trowel, focus...

Luft and myself will work out meshing the PATK airport area and the work done just a bit north at 3Ak3 and river by Windspeaks. Some kick ass work. Landing at Windspeaks 3Ak3 is like watching a Shaun Lunt vid in slo-mo.. Love it. The release includes the newly noted Wiggle Creek area and will include the addition of a new runway just north and a bit west of Wiggle. ( see Google Sat ) This major project also includes the Talkeetna Lakes area (south of the PATK runway) where charts ( will display a few private runways not present in FSX. We plan on making our files meet and match the work done to date and creating a great Susitna river valley for all to enjoy. I have been working on the river work near Talkeetna and its not easy to make it look good. If anyone can help, do offer.

We will also be inculding 2AK7 (Bald Mountain) in this work and an update to Papabear camp (a fictional spot to roast a mallow via the classic GB challenge)

All of this, as accurate as the sim will allow..

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The Redoubt Volcano

by on Apr.07, 2009, under News

Our friend Windspeaks and others are ducking for cover under the plume of the Redoubt Volcano. The ash has been streaming mainly at Windspeaks area for several days which is east of the volcano in the Soldotna area.

Fear of the Dark

Fear of the Dark - 8AM in Homer AK - Yes, daylight hours

(continue reading…)

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Scenery Cleanup: Like sorting Spaghetti.

by on Apr.06, 2009, under Articles, Scenery Projects

Spent a few hours with Luft coordinating the upcoming scenery release. Man what a mess we have had. Files files everywhere and not a drop to drink! We waded through the mess and figured out what the core elements should be. This is the basic release that will grow over time. So far it contains 4 authors and is sure to grow quickly. I look forward to getting this released, and the mess under control.

If anyone would like to have their scenery considered for inclusion in the package let us know. Everyone is welcome to offer contributions. But please realize that not every work will fit the package need. Many projects are best represented as expansion or special interest stuff. What Luft and I are working on is the very core that new people will need to get started.

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